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Mission Statement

Our aim is to bring an end to the terror brought to this world by Grimace. RonMcDon is evil, but Grimace is a greater evil, a purple evil. By arming RonMcDon with the required arsenal, we may be able to stop these purple fucks from killing our children, raping our women and taking our jobs.

What is Grimace?

The word 'grimace' has many definitions. If may refer to:

  1. A painful facial expression.
  2. An abnormally shaped, purple creature commonly found in tropical climates or crime infested urban centers.
  3. One instance of this creature which is a member of the RonMcDon cartel. He is wanted in 68 contries for extortion, grand theft auto, arson, murder, human-trafficing, drug trade, canabalism, sexual assult, and for being a retarded, fat purple fuck.


Who is RonMcDon?

Ronald McDonald, known by his street name as Ron McDon, is a rage infested, booze fueled homicidal maniac spawned from the demonic underworld to destroy all who oppose his will. He occasionally hunts wild tribes of Grimace.